Communication Strategies used by a Character in Seinfeld Based on the Four Principle of Cooperation

Seinfeld is one of the most famous movies of the 20th century directed by Andy Ackerman and written by Steve Lookner. In the Wizard, 15th episode of season nine of the series, the audience meets George who is determined to divide his attention between the Rosses family and his private life (Kheirabadi & Aghagolzadeh, 2012). This essay highlights the communication styles used by George in this episode and relates them to the four principles of cooperation.

George fails to observe the principle of quality of communication as he takes the call and lies to the Rosses that he will have to close on his house in Hamptons only to be seen on the streets by the same people he lied to (Kheirabadi & Aghagolzadeh, 2012). He, however, gives the information required to convince the Rosses that he was in the house and reveals the truth thus satisfying the principle of quality. George takes the Rosses to Hamptons where the truth finally comes out regarding the existence of his house in the area (McAllister, 2002). He is so careful to give the required response on the phone call avoiding interference from the ongoing conversation between him and Jerry about the race of Elaine’s boyfriend (McAllister, 2002). His therefore in line with the principle of relation. Finally, it is clear that George violets manner in his communication strategy by not being straightforward concerning the reason for not attending the family event with the Rosses (McAllister, 2002).

One aspect of communication we share with George is lack of quality as sometimes we both have to lie to skip an event. Additionally, we both have the comic element in our conversation styles, and this feature helps in making the conversion lively.

In conclusion, it can be noted that the four principles of cooperation by Paul Grice are just necessary but not sufficient conditions for a productive conversation. A slight divergence from the principles makes the discussion livelier provided that the parties remain on topic as is evidenced by George’s communication skills in the Wizard.

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