As great as being a language tutor is, you might be considering a career change.

As a language tutor, you undoubtedly have a talent for languages. This is an incredible skill to have, and one that will give you so many opportunities. So, why should you consider entering the world of translation as a language tutor? We’ve compiled a few points that might just entice you.

They are interchangeable skills 

As a language tutor, it’s a given fact that you can understand more than one language, using one to help the other. As a tutor, you’re basically translating one language to help teach somebody another language, right?

It might be extremely beneficial for you to dip into translation as a side hustle or even a full-time career change.

You’ll find that you’re still helping people. You’re enabling complex ideas and information to be translated so other people can understand them. Sounds a tiny a bit like tutoring?

As a tutor, you’ve likely picked up a lot of detailed knowledge of syntax, grammar, sentence structure, and readability. These types of skills are very much sought after in the world of translation.

The personality 

Being a tutor requires a certain type of character. This outgoing, patient and forgiving nature comes a lot more naturally to others. If you feel like your job as a tutor just isn’t the right fit for your personality, becoming a translator could be the route you need to take.

Of course, you’ll still meet a lot of interesting people along the way. You’ll help. You’ll network. However, you’ll be in your own private setting.

Likewise, if you do have the perfect personality for tutoring, you’ll still be great for translation. That innate desire to convey information into something easy to swallow and understand is all you need to be a translator.

The pay is a big plus 

There’s a lot of skepticism about translation because of the increase in technology. The fact is, even as much as technology advances, human translators will always be needed. Translators who can offer a high-accuracy, in-depth translator are actually in short supply, meaning people will pay handsomely for your skills.

In topics such as diplomacy, politics, and business, you can absolutely expect to be compensated generously for your translation work. The pay could, if you really set yourself out from the crowd, very much exceed your tutoring pay.

Independent working  

As a translator, the options to become freelance, self-employed or work with an agency are much more reachable.

You’ll no longer be ordered by managers, or expect to work around other people’s schedules.

Becoming a freelance translator opens you up to new opportunities that will allow you to travel, work from home and just have, all around, more freedom. You know what they say; “if you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs.”

There is also a great opportunity in working as a freelance translator. Best translation site like PickWriters have lists on various agencies that might be interested in you as a translator.

Career progression 

We’ve mentioned before just how sought-after great translators are. Tutoring is very much a be all end all type of job. There’s very little room to progress or become anything more than a tutor. Now, this is fine if you’re comfortable doing that. However, some people itch for new opportunities and success.

If you’re ambitious and ready to take on a new challenge that can throw you into somewhere amazing, translation is the one for you.

There are absolutely no barriers, career structures or limits. If you enter translation with an open mind, the place you end up in could be beyond your wildest dreams. It’s really the perfect adventure.


You might be a parent, retiring, traveling or just bored of the regular 9-5. Working as a translator gives you so much flexibility. Everything from the hours that you work, the places you work from and the people you work with.

This is especially true for freelance translators. With online technology, there’s no reason why you can’t work from the comfort of your own home, move to the location you’ve been dreaming of, or become a digital nomad.

Your clients will be from all over the globe, making fixed hours a distant memory.

Flexibility is one of the main reasons why many language tutors shift over to translation.

It’s always super interesting 

Clients all over the world, new projects to pick up, and fresh challenges. Translation will undoubtedly keep you on your feet. No two days are the same. You’ll constantly have to keep your language skills up to date, learn new technologies and enter new ventures. One thing is for sure, with translation work, you’ll never be bored.


If you’re a language tutor and you’re looking for a new opportunity – look into becoming a translator. Increase in freedom, new career opportunities and really exciting work will await you. Not to mention a nice little paycheck.

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